About the project

Noria has extensive experience in developing insurance services. Lately, they have been upgraded to cloud-based solutions, a perfect timing to unify the services and explore which synergies one could achieve by doing this. The result was Noria Cloud, the starting point for all customers, with the possibility to read news and operate notifications tasks and notifications across the universe.

My role

  • Design responsible during sprint
  • Web portal
  • UX and prototyping
  • Design system and UI

We invited developers, strategists and designers to join in on a design sprint.

Together we defined a vision for Noria Cloud to make the gap between software and end user smaller. We believed that by make it easier and more attractive to provide feedback, create accessible training material and give related news about the company, we would achieve the goal.

An early prototype, yet quite high-fidelity, was based on sketches and thoughts from the Sprint.

The prototype was used internally to discuss uncertain aspects with the concept, which founded the final prototype that developers used to code Noria Cloud.