About the project

NRK produces a huge amount of content, from short clips on social media to news and larger drama productions. The process of producing the content varies between the employees, leaving NRK in the blind when they now are at a crossroad choosing how to produce content in the future.

For half a year I talked to users, trying to understand how they work with media production. Identifying what works well and all the pain points.

The end result was a report with a lot of user insights which was presented for employees at NRK. The insight is now used as a basis to make decision of how NRK should work to be future proof.

My role

  • UX research
  • User interviews
  • User needs mapping
  • Presentation

Understand how video editors across NRK use different editing tools.

There are 3700 employees and subs in NRK. Geographically they spread around 50 offices, from Kristiansand to Hammerfest.

To be able to understand how the entire organization produces media content, it was important to reduce the scope, by defining who could we talk to, which would result in a good representation of the entire company.

Our goal was to paint a detailed picture of users in NRK and how they work with media content. Who are they? How do they work? What are their pain points and what is working well?

We created an interview guide which included questions and statements we used across our way.

To comprehend the massive amount of user data, we create user profiles for each person we talked to and placed thoughts, pain points and quotes in predefined section.

Additionally we included a questionnaire which gave us valuable quantitative data.

Based on the interviews and questionnaire, we plotted users based on the size of projects they work with and how advanced they are using editing tools.

For each group, we defined the main work tasks and what was most important to that group. The questionnaire came in handy to verify the findings.