About the project

A customer had an idea of how to revolutionize the banking industry by collecting all bank and loyalty services. The goal was to provide a better economic overview for end users.

We sat down with the customer for a week, and based on the Google Design Sprint methodology we designed a high fidelity prototype of the idea which we tested on potential customers.

My role

  • Design responsible during sprint
  • Wireframes
  • High fidelity prototype
  • User testing

By following the mantra «Work together alone«, the participants are led through a number of exercises. As the participants sketches ton of ideas, a decision maker ensures  progress by choosing the best one.

The goal is to come up with an 8 frames storyboard which will be the foundation for the prototype.

Based on the storyboard, we first designed wireframes. They are great to provide the customer with something concrete as soon as possible, and was critical for the end result.

Next step was to create a simple identity for Vipay, with logo and design system, which was used to make the high fidelity prototype.

By testing the prototype on potential customers, we obtained valuable feedback which will be used to further develop the service.